Christian DeRiemer is a 27 year old young man whose life has always been an inspiration to all who know him. Diagnosed with a rare form of muscular dystrophy when he was two years old, he is dependent on mechanical ventilation, a feeding tube and dedicated nurses, family and friends to meet his needs. 


Accepting his condition with grace and humor, Christian has been undeterred from his goal to live as normal a life as possible. Because of the Christian DeRiemer Trust, he has been able to do just that while remaining in his family home. Since the trust’s inception in 2003, Christian’s visits to the emergency room have dropped considerably. His family has been able to install the appropriate equipment at home to make caring for him much easier, including a state of the art motorized chair, as well as a wheelchair van. The many devices that help him to be mobile are his link to the outside world. In addition, funds have been used to purchase a computer (built by Christian himself) that enables him to complete school work, communicate with his many friends, and pursue his love of video gaming.


Christian’s quality of life has improved enormously as a direct result of the Christian DeRiemer Trust. In May 2014, Christian graduated with honors for acting from Delaware County Community College. Due to the death of his mother in March of 2015, Christian has temporarily stopped taking classes. He plans to return to West Chester University as soon after his move to the Firely residence as possible. His dream after graduation is to work in the entertainment industry. 

After 27 years of living with his parents and with the passing of his mother, Christian has decided to move into a group home owned and operated by the Firely organization.  His planned moving date is August 10th, 2015.  The home, along with three other Firely residences, is in Norristown, Pennsylvania.  The one story three bedroom house is in a residential neighborhood.  Christian will have 24/7 nursing care and will share the house with 2 other vent dependent adults.  While this will be a change for Christian, he is looking forward to making new friends and having an even more active social life.

In order to insure that Christian have the life and opportunities he deserves, it is imperative that the Christian DeRiemer Trust remain strong and well funded. We appreciate your generosity and your investment in the future of this remarkable young man.